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Hello there! ^^


15 Mar 2002
I'm sorry that I've forgotten to introduce myself yesterday ^^"

Well, I come from Germany and live in a village near Hamburg. I'm 15 now, but my English is still terrible X'D
Hm... >.> I'm interested in drawing and writing, like Fantasy and Jpop/Jrock, I do love my little rabbit Schnucki and my guinea-pig (<- right? o_O") Tom. A long time ago I was also a soccer fan, now I'm only a fan of Ahn 👏
If I could draw my own manga someday, a dream would come true ^__^
To my character is to say that I'm often sad and think everything is grey... I know I shouldn't do that, but I can laugh, too ^_~
What you had to do to make me happy: Bring me everything you can get from Gackt XD
How you can impress me: Be true to yourself ^0^

Yes, that's all.

Oh, and I'm a girl, of course :p

Hi there Suja,

Welcome to the forum. 🙂

Hope you'll have a good time here. 👏
Greetings and welcome. :cool: I'm sure you'll find much in common with many of our members.
willkommen suja, deine englich ist besser als mein deutsch. anyway have fun and enjoy the boards. spテ、ter
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