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25 Jun 2002
Are any of you guys fans of the Hello Project? I'm a huge fan of Morning Musume and all the sub-groups. Tanpopo and Mini-Moni are my 2 favorites. If you have any news or thoughts about any of them I'd love to hear what you're willing to share.


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Well... basicly it's music for children.
Then again, a lot of grown men seem to like it... 🙂

Personally, i think it's fun to watch and hear. With Tsunku as their producer it's even credible, but i don't think i'd never put them in my favorites list.
Has Tsunku ever come into the public eye before Morning Musume? Was he a famous producer in Japan before them or something?
Yes, he certainly has. He became very famous as the lead singer of a band called Sharam Q. Check it out, and you'll find out how the melodies sound alike to Morning Musume.
Ooooh. 窶堙??堋、窶堙?窶喟窶堙ィ窶堋ェ窶堙??堋、窶堋イ窶堋エ窶堋「窶堙懌?堋オ窶堋スツ! I will definetly check that out.
*sigh* Am I doing something wrong? When I post Japanese, some of the characters don't show up. Last time it was the 'ku' now its the 'a'.
Hehe, yes, there are a couple of reasons why Japanese characters do not display properly (except for the Nihongo Forum): metatags, Doc Type line, CSS, some issues with the forum script, PHP, server configuration, etc. etc.

I did my best to solve these probs in the Nihongo Forum (well-advised by Moyashi).

We'll continue to work on it.
AH ok thanks thomas..I thought I was doing something wrong lol. Keep up the good work.
adding a bit on Tsunku.

He was in his own band at one time. And met the other band members at some kind of contest. So they took parts of the names (or possibly the whole name) from the 3 bands and formed them into SHA-RAN-Q .... Sharan Q.

Sharan Q was at the top of the charts with a few songs and lead off with [zurui onna] malicous woman , I believe it was.

Possibly taking a cue from the Komuro Tetsuya and his family of units Tsunku went solo and didn't fair too well and decide to build his own empire based on the [XXX musume] (XXX daughters) theme He now even produces for Kusanagi of SMAP who's going solo as Chonan kan.
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