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Hello, people


I'm a Canadian
2 Sep 2002
Hello all. I'm new to this Forum here.

My name is Vincent Chow. People call me by all sorts of names: Vince, Chowie, Chow-Fan, V, etc... Age 18 (soon 19), I'm a second-year university student from Vancouver / Victoria, Canada.

Alright, lets get into some Japan-talk... I like Jpop music, especially those music by Zard. Izumi Sakai of Zard is the best of all time - I like nearly ALL of their songs. And that's what my website is dedicated for - feel free to take a look at my Zard website at My Home Page

Other of my favourites include - Like some songs from all of these:
- Amuro Namie (TK compositions are especially cool)
- Chage & Aska
- Mai Kuraki
- Garnet Crow
- Utada Hikaru (Great singer - near-perfect English)
- Noriko Sakai (Beep beep beep!)

Guess that's all I have to say for a little intro. I will post more when I have time to do so. Nice to meet you all in here!
Hi Vinkee,

nice to have you on board. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.
No, of course I'm not a Dodge Neon - I'm not a car, haha.
But a black Dodge Neon is my family's car, and I like the look of it.
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