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Hello... o-o I'm new.-.


7 Jul 2003
Hello. o-o

I'm Ami, but you can call me Amrita if you want. I've been interested in Japan since Sailor Moon came out in America, and I'm a junior in high shcool right now. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and learn more about the Japanese community. 🙂

Feel free to Im me anything or send me a message. 🙂
Welcome aboard, Amrita! 🙂

Sorry I had to reduce the number of images in your sig.
Hello Ami ! Welcome aboard ?

Where about do you live in the States ? Have you been to Japan or do you plan to visit it ?

Enjoy yourself on the forum ! :)

Thanks Thomas for reducing the amount of images I had. I was planning to change it myself. Thanks! Well, I live in California and I never been to Japan but I'm planning to. My high school's Senior class are going to Japan. I might go them. I hope they'll let me go with them.
hey Ami. thanx 4 telling me about this forum. i like it. and i like the DOOM DOOM DOOM thing. heh. =l
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