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Hello, My name is Henry


29 Jul 2003
Hello, my name is Henry Frederick. I guess I signed on to this forum because I am looking for my relatives in Japan. My mother (who I will always love) just passed away, but she had a younger brother who may still be living in Japan. I would like to find him or any of his relatives. My father is from the US but my mother was from Japan; she was from Wakayama near Osaka. I guess I am of two cultures.
Hello good people, I thank you for the welcome messages. I hope I do find my relatives, it would cheer me up a lot.
Hey there, henry. My name is Navi. Good luck in finding ur relatives. I hope u find them.
Hello Henry and welcome aboard.

Did you have a bilingual education in English and Japanese ?

Good luck in finding your relatives in Japan.
Hello Maciamo; no, unfortunately I have never learned Japanese. I really know only a few words. I still plan to visit Japan in the near future, whether or not I find my relatives.
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