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11 Nov 2003
I'm posting here because a message told me to;
I live in Australia and I learn Japanese at school.
I have come to this site to try and improve my Japanese.
yeah i guess i do lol, been a member for awhile, though not as long as some people. theres members with like 1700 posts and thomas, the admin has more than 3000
Hey welcome imperfect dark i wonder how imperfect can you be and jovial jon i will make it to 3000 before you do but wish ya luck
texas. san antonio to be exact.
lol i meet so many people from melbourne i feel like if i walked around the city id always bump into somone i know. well it didnt happen last time i was there, but i know more people now lol
Isn't texas the big desert with lots of tumble weeds? those things are so cool...
Anyway whats it like in texas, ive never been there and probably wont go there for about 10 years (im only 15). Im goin to travel when im older.
the west half is desert, the east is green and hilly. its almost similar to melbourne weather, cept the joke here is "if ya dont like the weather wait 30 minutes." people are ok, alot nicer than california or new york, but not as nice melb people.
If you think the people in melbourne are nice, then you obviously havent been down chaple st after 11.00 at night.

And the joke here is "If you don't like the weather you shouldn't have moved to melbourne"
Hey! Welcome to the forums! How is the weather in Australia now a days? I'm freezing my arse off here. ((-_-)) -25
Well, We had a 40 degree day on sat (Thats C i dont know F).
But now its really cold. It never snows where i live but its not a desert.
lol well i meant in general, like at the airports the customs people are friendly, they helped me out since it was my first time travelling abroad. where in los angeles they arent so friendly, expect you to know what you are doing and all that.
chapel street was fun but i never stayed that late, ended up taking off and going to crown casino then wandering around the yarra.
i still like the one thats goes "melbourne, 4 seasons in one day"
"melbourne, 4 seasons in one day"
note: 4 seasons in ONE day not EVERY day.

Anyway mebourne is alright, id rather live here than adelaide (thats the bum city).

If you ever go to australia again i suggest you come around july and august cause thats when they play our national game, footy.
i was actually thinking about comming this feb. so i can experience the summer last time i was there it was fall/winter
yup, i used to live in california, about 3 hours from las vegas, nevada. thats a crazy town there.
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