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Hello! Irish/british ... identity not important tho :)


19 Apr 2003
Konnichi wa everyone,

I'm David (or Dave) and have spent the last year of my life travelling Australia, I met the most beautiful woman there who hails from Osaka. Needless to say I'm a little bit heartbroken at the moment but we are in touch all the time and I hope to see her again soon.

I'm 25 and currently find myself in Coventry, UK, living with relatives looking for IT work and to earn that strong sterling stuff! I came here from Ireland where I lived for over 10 years. It's a bit of culture shock being here!

So I'm learning Japanese as best I can, trying to seek out Japanese music and culture in the West Midlands. We went to see a band called Boris the other week in Birmingham, J-Pop they were not but they were good! I heard the sound of Star Fruits Surf Rider years ago on an indie music TV program and since then had an interest in Japaense popular music. I also liked what Pizzcoda 5 produced, Playboy Playgirl often gets stuck in my minds for days on end, still!

So there I am and there you all are - your acceptance appreciated.

o genki de!
Hello David ! Welcome to the board. ;)

I've also travelled a few months round Australia. Reminds me good things. :p

Have you been to Japan ? Are you planning to go and meet your sweetheat there as I did ?

Cheers !
hiya dave, welcome to the boards. your lucky, a whole year in australia, i only got a month 😭
anyways goo luck with your japanese and enjoy your stay
w000t! a cornelius fan! my web blog is currently an homage to him! ^_^

and welcomes the board - i live in leicester! hehe talk about close. :) i be senny
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