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Hello, I'm a newbie


9 Jan 2004
Hi there :).

I'm Gally and I'm a 20-year-old French-speaking Belgian who studies English and Dutch languages and literatures at university. I'm in the third year out of four and I plan to study two more years after I'm finished in order to become a technical translator. I have been a big fan of the Japanese culture for quite a while and I think I'll learn a lot of interesting things about various topics on this forum. I'm also an anime and manga fan (Trigun, Gunnm and Gunnm Last Order, Chobits, Angel Sanctuary, Saikano, the Secret of Blue Water etc, and of course the divine EVANGELION :D! my favourite one) and I love psychoanalysis (don't worry, I don't bite and I don't believe in every single sick thing Freud said ^^).
Wow, it seems like you are quite the renaissance woman :) Welcome to the fora, and I am quite sure that you will enjoy this place with all of those interests :D
😄 hi ya Gally!

its kool you join the site, i stubbled apon it a month ago and there no turning back!

i hope you have lots of fun on this site and make lots of friends, lets start here, be mine!! :)

wow its really kool that you have studied so many languages, i can speak 2 so far then i can speak a few words in some asian languages but i really want to learn to speak japanese!! ive tried before and not found it too hard but its harder to write i think.

kool you like anime, im still a big fan of Dragonball, i know its old but i cant get enough of Gokus adventures!!

well drop me a line if you ever want to chat!!

the monkey has spoken..... 👏
Bonjour, konnichi ha ^^! Well, is it friendly here! I've been on a lot of fora before, but it's the first time I've been welcomed so warmly :). Thanks everybody :D!
Hi Gally and welcome aboard ! 🙂

We seem to have quite a lot in common !

Nice to have yo here on the forum. :)

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