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Hello, I guess this is my introduction


28 Nov 2003
Hello everyone! I am happy to be here. I'm interested in fine art of all mediums. I am a photographer primarily, but I have a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture, and I draw, paint, make collages and 16mm film shorts. I will be moving to Yokosuka, Japan for a few years in about six months. I am interested in Shinto, Zen and classic samurai cinema. I am also interested in No and Kabuli theatre.
hey. im quite new here too. :] i see you have photography skills. i have some too.
I guess you can call them skills. :) I try real hard. I don't know if that's bad or good. You can see some of my work photos at news.navy.mil and if you put beeman into the photo search block it'll pull up some of my more recent photos. I am an aerial photographer so most of the photos are from a helicopter.
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