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Hello, I am new


3 Aug 2006
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(now in the right place... I hope :( )


I am a Mexican, and I have never visited Japan... altough I plan to do it some day. But, I guess that you could never get the most of visiting a country without a basic understanding of its language. And so here am I, to practice my (yet) rudimentary Japanese.

I believe that Japanese is a fascinating language for itself, and fortunatelly phonologically very similar to Spanish.

Off course, the Grammar is much different... and the writing systems Hiragana-Katakana-Kanji are daunting to the "gaikokujin" like me... however, the more difficulty, the higher the reward, the satisfaction.

Besides the language by itself, I am also interested in Anime, Japanese History and Japanese Food.

My signature are some drawings of an extraordinary Japanese drawing artist, Ken Singshow...


If you like also his art or his comics (e.g. "Andorozon"), or you know similar atists, please let my know.


Well, that's enough for now... hope to see you soon in the other threads in this forum.

Have a nice day.
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