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Hello! Hajimemashite


21 Nov 2003
New to the forum, nice to meet everyone.

I lived in Japan off and on for a few years in Fukui,
Akita, Wakayama.

Live not far from Chicago and am a big tea person, but love to talk about all sorts of stuff Japan-related.

Hope to talk to people from all over the world, and let you all know that we aren't all cowboys!
😄 (although I did used to have a horse)

Yoroshiku!:) :)
hiya chacrazy and welcome, and we're not all cowboys here in texas either, never did have a horse. anyway have fun on the forum.
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Hi and welcome!

Not a cowboy...but i like westerns..and never had a horse...and wouldn't ride one either.....
[protects his groin with his hand...]:D

oh but welcome!:D
lol the only time i rode a horse, which was in california btw, i ended up having to grab ahold of the eve of a house and let the horse ride out from under me because i couldnt stop the thing. right after that my friend tried to ride it and fell off.
horses always look like theyre plotting some diabolical scheme...you just cant tell what theyre thinking *shudders*
can't even trust non-talking animals anymore

They should just stay in the little horse kennel untill ready for raceing! 😌
Aww, you guys break my heart. My horse was just like a big dog, he would even fetch and was "house"broken...he was my besssst bud.

Although, it wasn't such a good experience for the neighborhood kid when i took him for his first ride...I hadn't tightened the saddle enough, and as we were riding, it slooooowly rotated around as my horse went along, and deposited us on the ground. Rusty just stopped and looked at us like "you idiots, what are you doing down there? "
yoroshiku to hajimemashite
fuo-ramu wo tanoshiminasai.

Agradable y agradable satisfacerle.
Goce del foro

Bienvenu et gentil de vous rencontrer.
Apprテゥciez le forum

Willkommen und nett, Sie zu treffen.
Genieテ歹n Sie das Forum

Benvenuto e piacevole per venirli a contatto.
Goda la tribuna.

Bem-vindo e agradテ。vel para encontrar-se com o.
Aprecテュe o forum

Welcome and nice to meet you.
Enjoy the forum.
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