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Hello from Venezuela


10 Aug 2003
Hi to everyone!!! 🙂

I'm new here 🙂

I'm from Caracas, Venezuela (South America)
26 years old female.
and I'm part of the Toyota Tuning Club of Venezuela (www.toyota-tuning-club.com)

I find very fascinating all the jap culture and i'm a big fan of the jap vehicles (like Toyota)...so, i'll be here for a while, gettin' to know you all.

Hiya Jazz! Welcome and Nice to meet you! I'm Ami and I hope to see you around the Forum! 🙂

Hola, bien venidos!

Que bein que te interesas la cultural de japon. Me interesa cultura de latin america y espanya. Quiero mejorar mi espanyol y communicar con gente de latin ameria.

Japones y espanyol son parecidos. Mis amigos desde sur America siempre dicen que mi pronunciacion del espanyol es muy bien. Tenemos cinco vocales ambos en japones y espanyol, verdad?

Ciao y mucho gusto
Thanx to all you :)

I'm just wondering if the words that i put under mi nick (black toyojazz) in the sig, really mean Black Toyota Starlet in jap..

ニ暖ニ塚?耽 (Toyota) ニ湛ニ耽ツーニ椎槌鍛ニ暖 (Starlet) ニ置ニ停?ーニ鍛ニ誰ニ筑ニ辰ニ谷 (black)

I had search in jap pages to find how to write it because i want to make a sticker for my windshield with that phrase... It'll be awesome to have that sticker, because almost all the people who do that, make it in english or spanish...so....I'll appreciate any help... ;)
Konnichiwa Black_toyojazz

Nice to meet you, what elements of jap culture intrest you ?
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