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Hello from Takamatsu


27 Jul 2003
Hello, thanks for peeking this :)
I signed up here recently and haven't done much...
though I thought I would say Hi to everybody

I live in Shikoku island, does anyone know where that is or anyone who actually lives there????
Hi Moonflower, welcome and yoroshiku! 🙂

Shikoku? That's where Alex Kerr lives. :)
Yo moonflower! 🙂 Welcome and nice to meet you. You can call me Ami or Amrita. See ya around the Forum. 👍
Welcome abroad, Moonflower. Where is Shikoku Island? Would you like to tell me more about the place? I've been to Japan, well, kinda. I usually on transit in Japan. Been to some places, usually somewhere near the Narita airport? Been to Shinjuku also, nice. Will be returning home this winter, and yes, will take transit flight in Japan. Can't wait...love the country. And..er...hope to meet someone special? HeeeHee....
I live on Shikoku, as does one other poster I know of, and anyone else who knows what's good for 'em. But we are both in Kochi. Welcome to the board
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