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28 Aug 2011
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Hello from Oklahoma!
After having difficulty in finding how to post on this site, I decided to use my blog first.
So, I guess my introduction will be here.
As my greeting states, I am in Oklahoma, USA. Tulsa, precisely. I am a 46 yr old White male who enjoys meeting people from far away places. I have been interested in Japan since I was 9-10 yrs old and my father traveled there for business. At the time, I had a friend in school who was from Japan.
Iterests? Lots! My main ones are: collecting Japanese, Chinese (P.R.) and Austrian postage stamps, bike riding, photo and videography, and music. I have quite a few CDs by Japanese artists. I like too much to list here at one time, more on that later.
I hope that this blog is seen and that people in Japan will like it and respond.
Until the next time,
Best wishes to all! :)
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