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Hello from Nijmegen (ナイメーヘン)


31 May 2016
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Hello all,
I wish I could introduce myself in Japanese, but I can't. I've had a very long fascination with Japanese history, but never found the time to learn the language, and my IT job doesn't leave me much time to start now. However, through my collection of old plastic construction kits I recently got pulled in a bit. I bought a load of old 1960's Japanese kits a while ago, and the first step is to try and register these new acquisitions not only under their English translations, but also with the correct Kanji / katakana / hiragana. I discovered I loved searching on the Internet for clues, and with patience you can get quite far. Being able to enter something like 日本陸軍四式戦闘機 (キ一84) ハヤテ in my files was quite a thrill!
I guess I will be mostly lurking here, not contributing, but the odd question may pop up. Just some background: I'm 53, Dutch, studied history, but I've been working as a programmer and then as an information analyst in ICT for over 18 years now. Never been to Japan, but would love to go there some day.
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