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Hello from Hell!

8 Oct 2007
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Hey everyone,
I'm Svetoslava, I'm only 12, and I'm from Bulgaria.
I don't study Japanese yet, cause in my homecity there are nowere I can study it. My dream come tru is to go in Japan and to go on a concert of Antikku cafe, The Gazette, SuG and 176BIZ, Anna Tsuchiya. I just love animes and manga. My favorite anime is Ghost hunt. I prefer anime in front of manga.
What can I say...

regards from Bulgaria:

Mars Man

Rest in Peace
28 Jul 2005
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From the roof of Japan, the real center of the country, I wish you a great big WELCOME !!

There are plenty of folks here who enjoy the same groups you do, so in the entertainment area, you can have a great time talking with them. Learning some Japanese here is even possible, but it would take some time....don't rush.

Please do check out the whole forum and have a great time !! See you 'round !! MM
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