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Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina


19 Dec 2002
Hi, my name is Cintia and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have japanese heritage as well as Italian and Greek. I am in the tourism business and my hobbies are learning new words and walking. I’m 26 y.o.
Hi Cintia, I'm from Austria. Pleased to meet you too.

As for your Japanese heritage: does your family still have contacts to Japan?
japanese heritage

Yes, as a matter of fact my mother is japanese and she has two brothers and one sister. The three of them were born in Argentina (i.e. they are nissei) and they have been living in Japan for more than ten years.
Apart from them, we have lots of japanese relatives (brothers and sisters of my grandparents, cousins, etc.)
My mother was born in Fukuoka, in the island of Kyushu.
What about you?
thank you! I’ll check that site.
It’s so amazing that we are able to communicate in spite of the distance, isn’t it?
This is the first time I meet someone from Austria, I bet it’s very cold there.
It’s summer in Argentina and the temperature is around 35ツコC plus a lot of humidity. Have a nice evening! If you ever need anything or would like to write, my email is [email protected]
Yep, the net is amazing, isn't it? :)

It's pretty chilly here at the moment, though we have no snow. Enjoy summer, I'm craving for the warmth of the sun, lol.
Hey there Cintia.

Welcome to the forum from me too. :)

35ツコC eh?
Not sure if that's something to be jealous about. ;)
Hello Twisted, thank you for the welcome. I see people are really nice here!
Yes....I’m not that proud of this hot weather either... it’s ok that it is hot, but it is humid too, so people sweat all the time even if you are sitting down . According to your flag you are from Netherlands, what is your connection with Japan?
A few years back i stumbled upon some Japanese (pop- and rock-)music and i've kinda made it my field of expertise over the years.

Other then that i have no connection with Japan whatsoever. :)
Hi Cinti and welcome to the forum from me too,🙂
sadly I have no connection with Japan at all, except the members from this forum, and what a bunch of characters, hope you have as much fun here as I do🙂
Looking for a friend

Hello, thank you everybody for the warm welcome. I would like to know if there is anyone here who lives in Japan and could help me find a japanese friend. I met her when I visited Japan in 1999 and when I returned to Argentina we kept in touch by email and letters. One day she moved and we were never able to communicate again.
She used to live in Fukuoka shi, she got a degree in Economics at Fukuoka Daigaku and she is 26 or 27 y.o. Her name is Misato SODA. I think her parents lived in Hakata. If anyone lives in Japan and could check on the phone directory I will be very grateful. My email is [email protected]
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