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Hello from a new member


24 Oct 2002
Hello Everyone,
I just joined and this looks like a great site. A little about me. I'm a 24 year old lady living in Grand Rapids, Michigan and am looking forward to meeting new people. I used to take Japanese in college and am looking to "get back in the groove." 😄 I'm very happy to be here and I hope to make new friends.
🙂 Talk to you soon.
Welcome and yoroshiku!

Great to have another lady to join Debs in her fight against us men :p
Hi Naima,

welcome to the board! Don't worry, we're all very well-behaved, lolol.
Hi Naima🙂 and welcome to the forum🙂

dont beleive everything you read(moyashi's message about me fighting men)🙂 :)
I dont fight men, I'm very fond of them, I married one, and have a baby one at home, age 4, so Thats makes me a lover of men, lolol you all know what I mean, lol😌 😊 and yes you too moyashi 😍
as you can see Naima we are one big happy family, so please feel at home 🙂
Thank you all for your kind welcome. 🙂 I'm definately going to have a good time. Nothing like a comfy online family all on their best behavior LOL "Fighting" sold seperately. LOL nice to meet you all. :)
We know Debs :D

Best behavior? lol ... I'm always pushing the worst behavior!

Yep, we're like this really big and strange on-line family. I doubt if you could find a easier going and friendlier forum than here.
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