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Hello! Friendly gal from the US.

2 Aug 2003
Hi everyone! ^_^ Thanx for reading this post. I guess I'll tell you a little bit about myself. Well, to start off I really love anime but lately my new obsession has been J-pop! Fave artists are Hyde and Gackt! 😊 My favorite animes are Angel Sanctuary and shounen-ai smuff. I really respect Japanese culture and I hope that one day I can visit. *sighs*

Hi there Carolgirl00 🙂

Welcome to the forum.
You're not the only one on the forum who's a fan of both Hyde and Gackt. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends here. :)
Hi Carolgirl00! Welcome and nice to meet you!_! I love Gackt and Hyde especially Gackt 😊! Well, Pm me anytime you want._. 🙂
Well Welcome Carol.. let me tell you that u have the same name as my brother but his name is with a K :) ( o_O? )

And as i see you Like Gackt *__*...well ur not the only oneeee😊 cause i do love Gackt and L arc en ciel, and Hideto Matsumoto and many moree ^^U

Take care and have a nice day ^_^ ( at this time it will be.. Nite ^^ )

Matane 🙂
Yii! So glad that so many ppl here like Haido-san and Gackt, also. This is a good place to be! lol. i've liked hyde for a while, all's normal there. but bfore I liked Gackt I thought he was really weird and crazy! hahaha. but then i saw one of his videos and in about 16 seconds i realized that he is the sexiest man on earth!
I think Gackt was rated one of the Sexiest guys in the world or Asia. I' not really sure but that's what i've heard Carolgirl00. 👍
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