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Hello Everyone :)


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16 Apr 2004
始めましてみんな様。私は ジェラード リオス です。どうぞよろしく。

Hey everybody :). My name's Gerardo, and my tag, ultimabaka, is, to say the least, fitting. In case the Japanese didn't appear correctly (or, perhaps more likely, cuz I'm not good at the language yet...上手じゃない人か?はい!), I'm a senior in Binghamton University (New York, United States). I come from and normally live in New York, and have been studying Japanese for two years now.

Feel free to drop a line to me via AIM - my screenname there is the same as my screen name here. I most certainly wouldn't mind trying to talk Japanese with someone who knows more than I do, and I can help people learn English too if they like.

-- Gerardo
Wow, 2 New Yorkers In One Day !!

Welcome and don't be afraid to use the search function to research older material. You can find bookloads of info
in the old posts! Also there are some great links to learning sites for Japanese in the old posts! Enjoy!!


👍 :giggle: 🙂 🍾
Welcome to the forum, Gerardo! 🙂

You know...I have to admit...I feel like singing "Rico Suave" whenever I see that name! Do you get that a lot?
hehe, actually I don't get it at all...but feel free to keep stroking the ego anyway ;)

-- Gerardo
Konnichiwa Ultimabaka-san!

Hi Gerardo, welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese! 🙂

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