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Hello Everyone!


6 Apr 2004
Hello! My real name is Kaila but everyone calls me Cat (hints the username). So you can just call me Cat too. ^^ I like to have fun and make lots of new friends so I hope I make a lot of friends here. Umm I am learning Japanese and I want to go to Japan as soon as possible. Although I am unable to right now it gives me time to practice my language more. heehee Lets see. . .er thats about all I can think of now. So I'm gonna start looking around now. bye bye ^^
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Boy, Will You Be Welcome Here !!

Many Forum members are cat owners & lovers! Welcome, & have a sauser of warm milk.


Welcome to the forum.

I guess we'll have to call you "Koneko" -- little kitty in Japanese.
Wow! Arigatou Gosimas! ^.^ You all are so nice heehee. yay I'm a koneko now! Yes, I think this board is very entertaining. Thanks again for welcoming me. Ja ne ^.~
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