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Hello everyone


15 Mar 2002
Wow, this place seems cool. I found it from browsing i-am-bored.com's listing and thought I'd check it out....

My name is Teegan...I'd prefer if everyone called me T or Ayame (<--- nickname that all my friends seem to have gave me...im not too sure why though...it just stuck).

I've been teaching myself to speak japanese for hmm....a little over 2 years...and am having the most difficult time of my LIFE. Of course...I've only been using this dictionairy thats falling to pieces...lol.

So yeah...hello 🙂 ....hope to be talking to some of you at some point....and maybe improve on my Japanese skills a bit....lol

Welcome Ayame, call me Ninja, hey did you ever played Tenchu games? There is a character named Ayame, also I think you know that Ayame is a Japanese word for Iris (flower) anyways, have fun and I'll see you around.... *dissapears in shadows*
Hey, I was just going to say that, Ninja Emperor! I OLVE thhe Tenchu games. espescially, wrath of heaven. the opening song...great. oops, WELCOME! pm ME, K?
If you love it so much go discuse it at my tread at games topic, for some odd reasons no one replied there for a long time now, I wounder where all of those fans went and Wreath of Heaven is my favorite of three and I borowed the one I gave for my friend for his birthday when I got PS2 on my own, also I just completed the first one with Rikimaru, opps, getting so off topic, go ahead and post in my tread there!
Ninja... he posts in the shadows...

*Cue ninja music*

Ayame! Welcome! You're gonna love it here, especially the Japanese Language Forum. It's my fav.

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