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Hello everyone


7 Mar 2004
Hello, everyone!
I am new to this forum.
From what I have seen, the people on this forum are very nice people.
The replies are very good in general.
I am looking forward to seeing more of your information.
So, nice to meet you!

Hi ! You Didn't Tell Us......

about yourself or where you are from. I see in one post you said you are over 6 ft, wow! Anyway, welcome!!

Rukasu-kun, yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Welcome to the fora. Have fun, and seize the day.
Thank you all for your replies.
I live in the Netherlands.
There we work in meters, so I think I made a little mistake.
I am 1.92 meters, so that would be 6.4 feet?
how do you write something like that, might come in handy.
My dad is 2 meters, even here its very hard to find him clothes.
Sorry for my mistake.
Konnichiwa, Rukasu! Welcome aboard!!

(Six foot four inches would be written as 6'4") Hope that answers your question!
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