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Hello everyone


2 Nov 2003
Hey there.

Background Info:
Likes: Lollicup, Bemani, Dancing, Music, Being single (So I can check out the ladies lololz Am I Rite guys??)
Dislikes: School, Josh, Tony (and other asstd. people who should be locked in port-a-potties and set on fire), Not having a car.
Fav Colors: Black, Blue, Orange
Current Fav Songs: Justin Timberlake-Rock Your Body, TY-Groovement
Dream Car: Skyline GT-R 34
More Probable: 99 Nissan Maxima (still a dream car ^_^)
If you wanna know more (esp. the ladies ;) lolz) Please PM or post.
Thanks 👏

why is that ^^^ called clap??
welcome. what? you don't like not having a car and either walking or relying on others? come on now, I thought that was an american dream. Ranks up there with being homeless...lol
Greetings and welcome. What part of SoCal you from btw? I used to live near the In-N-Out on S. Bristol, Santa Ana.
Hey thanks everyone!
I'm in Redondo Beach. But I am near an In N Out.
Damn you for making me hungry! ^__^
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