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Hello everyone!


17 Mar 2003
I found this forum while searching around on google today, and I am quite pleased to say that I am very happy to have found a very large forum dedicated to all things Japanese!
Anyway, I wish I were taking Japanese right now, but sadly my school doesn't have a Japanese course :( Hopefully though, I will be able to contribute to this board while learning lots of stuff about Japan. See everyone on the boards :D
hiya! and welcome! and stuff!
(it's sad your school doesn't offer Japanese... but i'm sure you can pick up some stuff here!! there are lots of really smart people!! i know they've helped me out bunches and bunches!!)
Greetings and welcome Lepy-san :)

Have no fear about contributing to the board as all of us have one thing in common--a passion for Japan, regardless of our personal backgrounds. It doesn't matter if you're fluent or only know "konnichiwa" and "sayonara", or whether you've been in Japan for ten years or have yet to visit. It's all about having fun and maybe learning a few things along the way (I know I sure have since coming here). Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay 👏
Konnichiwa Lepy-san!
Welcome and Hajimemashite. 🙂
I wish you post many new topic and question. And you can learn about Japan by your post.
Yoroshiku ne.🙂

Thanks so much for your kind welcomes. I know I will enjoy my stay! =)
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