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Hello Everyone. My name is AkumaBenjamin

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22 Mar 2019
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Hello Everyone. My name is Akuma Benjamin. My true name is Benjamin Adam Altiery. I called myself Akuma, well because I'm a devil in truth. I know you might find that funny, but ... I laughed when I found out... no I pretty much cried for a very long time. I was absolutely devastated when I discovered this. And when I had confirmed it, I decided to embrace its power. So, I deferred to my love for Japan, searched for a name that represented something I'd like to change my name to and found, Akuma. Because translates to "Devil". I was going to call myself, AkumaSatan, because that was my given responsibility in this world, but I Figured no one wants their evil idol to be seen as someone who walks like a small guy, which none would expect to be Satan. Anyway. I love Japan, its' really awesome.

By the way, I detest America for comparing its small Hurricane Katrina to what happened as a result of the Tsunami in recent days. However, I understand it was also a devastating catastrophe.

On a side note. My favorite pop stars in Japan are Koda Kumi, Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki. the other who's my favorite is from Korea, but works much of her time in Japan, and her name is BoA Kwon. They seem nice.

Um... Sushi! I need to get some more! I'd love to come to Japan to try some of the real thing.

Uh... anything else.... Yeah. I really like the anime Gasaraki, because it pretty much describes how Japan is struggling with its spirit in modern times, and the man who was a samurai in `gasaraki, had noble principles which Japan was founded upon. I think it definitely is one of the best anime in my opinion. (Sorry, I grew up watching anime. And I really really love Japan.)

Um... What are you guys doing for dinner?

Thank you.


6 Mar 2003
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Welcome to the forum.

There was a father in Japan that attempted to name his son Akuma in the 1990s but the government had a problem with that. He ended up litigating over it but compromised and named him Aku. The story did not end well. The parents split up and the father got in criminal trouble. No one seems to know what happened to the boy. Most likely he changed his name and we can only hope he is living a good life now.

Yesterday we had マーボー豆腐 for dinner which is a common dish in Japan (of Chinese origin). Not sure what's the plan for tonight.
21 Jun 2017
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What kind of devil, exactly? I get the impression you might be definition number 4 in Merriam-Webster, but I can't tell for sure. I suppose it could be definition 5, too.
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