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Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween ^_~

Lady Orisha

1 Nov 2016
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I am really new here and learning more as I explore. My name is Lady Orisha! I love Japanese Culture and Creativity! I love to watch anime and read manga. Of course, I adore the Jpop and Jrock. I am an African American Solo Artist and my band is called FROM MOM. I am working towards becoming a Jpop Idol and Kpop one as well. Then move on to becoming a worldwide Idol. Go big or Go home right! giggle Anyway, I have a very unique point of view with my music and I think Japan will really enjoy; since, they really influenced my style of music. I have put my music in other auditions at some of the Japanese Record Labels.. The ones I have been too are Sony Music Japan and Warner Music Japan but if you have any suggestion about other Japanese Music Label Companies please just tell me! Thank you so much and it is great to be here! X3

You can hear my music here: Metacafe - Online Video Entertainment - Free video clips for your enjoyment

My Official Page is Here: Lady Orisha: FROM MOM | Facebook

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!:p:roflmao:😁



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