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Hello everyboooooddy !

Bonjour! :)

Je suis franテァais aussi. ^_^
unfortunately I'm a little rusty on more difficult french to speak -_-

but yes, welcome
I'm pretty new here myself
I'm called Tare

enjoy yourself ^_^
From Marseille !

Je suis de Marseille dans les Bouches du Rhテエne.
Concerning Japan, I love the country (and the people !), and especially it's cinema : Kurosawa, Kitano, Nakata, Miyazaki...
Gaspar Noe about whom I made a website is fascinated by and adores Japan.
His next movie Enter the Void - Soudain le vide will maybe be shot in Japan, in Tokyo.
I love the story and past of Japan, spirit of Japanese people...
Voilテ? ! 🙂
Re: Welcome too !

Originally posted by Kubrick1977
Bonjour, Tare, and be welcome too !


oooo ^^;; Je suis dテゥsolテゥe!!
Je テゥtテゥ trティs occupテゥe :eek:

haven't been here a week now 🙂

merci beaucoup

oh and I forgot!
Je regardテゥ votre website
Il fait trティs bon. ^_^
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