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Hello China, and its people.


22 Mar 2019
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Hi. I'm AkumaBenjamin. I called myself that for reasons being that, I'm desperately seeking nobility, and I feel I've been given a very unfortunate fate.

I miss watching Chinese kung fu, and I feel the modernization of movies which has included the use of extreme levels of special effects kinda deludes the meaning behind the principles which the older kung fu movies represented in humble spirited entertainment.

However, I'm never without the appreciation I got from reading The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. In it I learned much. Many things I've learned were very helpful and allowed me to overcome obstacles in my life. So, that means I consider Bruce Lee a friend.

Um... also, I'm very sorry. I'm from America, so I feel I need to apologize. I'm white, but I don't like to see abuse. And I hate seeing people here who really treat each other without respect, and plainly they hate honor here in the United States. Not everyone, but is hard to find unless you put yourself in the way of evil to stand for innocence. And it gets exhausting, because I'm always fighting... and losing. But I don't give up anymore. I've found my strength in the truth. I've found the truth in righteousness, and I've discovered that compassion is most of all the guiding principle that allows me to pursue a better relationship with my life. If anyone is willing to join me, then they're welcome as long as they are respectful.

Anyhow, I'd like to come to China to try some of their food.

Is it affordable to live in China? Would I be welcomed, or even if I were to remain a normal citizen, I don't require to be given much attention at all. I'd prefer not to have much attention. Here in America, if you hate injustice, you get all kinds of attention. I need a humble life. Not a life I keep fighting to get privacy.

What are you guys having for dinner?

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