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Hello All!


7 Oct 2003
Hello all i am back from being gone so long sorry about that. well anyways i was just wandering if there where any one that coulld help me. i am kinda in a deep spot with my school work and i am basically flunking all my classes and i was wandering if anyone has any helpful tips for me. i would appreciate your help. thanks you.
Get Your Parents To Take You To The Shrink!!

They pay him enough and he declares you have "ATTENTION DEFICITE DISORDER" and they put you on drugs! Then all the teachers feel sorry for you and relize it's not your fault. They pass you till you graduate and every one lives happily ever after!


😊 :D :p 👍 😄 😲
i have already been to the shrink if you want to call it that and i kinda do have adhd ya lknow but anyways. i guess i am on my own with this one huh.
thanks and i am going to go eat some ramen 🍜 yummy
Most Of The Time It's Pretty Hard On A Person To...

have to move and leave friends behind! How long have you been in your new location?

i have not moved at all it is just that my grandfather is in the hospitaland i have missed a ton of schooll to be there for my grandmother and i have fallen behind in my school work. but if you reply to this i will reply backk tomarrow after i get out of school 🙂 goodnight :)
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