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Hello all


1 Mar 2003
hello from sydney Australia ,just wanting to chat about Jpop and anime and all things fun : 😄 :p ,Is there anyone from sydney Australia who would like to meet up to chat about Jpop and anime.

hello and welcome, johnny.
australia's a great place, i went to melbourne last april, wish i coulda stayed longer though, but i ran outta money and couldnt get a work visa. :p
Greetings and welcome :)

I've never been to the land down under although I have always wanted to go. A dear friend of mine from college was from Perth and she had some wonderful stories about Sydney. Enjoy your stay 👏
Konnichiwa Robotenchi-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite.Please enjoy the forum and chat. But I'm a Japanese, sorry.:p

Thank you all to who replyed ,well if you are ever in sydney and want a guided tour ,I will try my best to show you around .
Now all have to do is find another Japanese store that rents out Cd`s the one I went to has closed down :(.Anime is easyer to get for me then Japanese music . I am a big fan of ELT and Shena ringo.

Hi Robotenchi, welcome aboard! 🙂

I'm from Austria, the one without kangaroos, lol.
G-day Thomas

Yes I know of the place ,does Austria have any animals hahaha :)
Have you been to Australia.
P.S. does anyone no how I can get one of those t-shirts saying (I want a japanese girlfriend ) written in Kanji hehehehe
Lolol, of course, we have animals, but all of them would be considered alien infestations in Australia.

Peter Payne's J-List offers these T-shirts for sale

Tell me if it worked! :)


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