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Hello, マグッチ です, よろしくね!


29 Sep 2015
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Let's see...since this is my first post, I figure a little self-introduction is in order :yawn::nailbiting:😅

Hello JRef Forum! はじめまして, Magucchi here! ;)

I'm 28 from Canada and just started learning 日本語 this summer.
This forum looks pretty active and a good resource for learning and discussing japanese language and culture. I'm glad I can be a part of it and hope to contribute back to the community!:shy:

I've been drawn to Japanese culture through exposure to anime, manga and video games from when I was younger. It never occured to me to learn the language until recently when I visited Japan for the first time:inlove:

I plan to work and live in Japan in the future. This winter I intend to go back to university and complete my degree on East Asian Studies. My 1-year goal is to reach N4 proficiency.

With that being said, みなさん、がんばりましょう! 👍
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