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Helllllllllllooooooo My Friends


15 Mar 2002
Hi guys, I am Diva from United Arab Emirates in Dubai City. well I am looking for a new friends from Japan, because l love Japan soooo much and wish to visit it.
I am Cute and friendly.
if you want to know more about me or my country fell free and send me an email at [email protected]
Do not be shy.
Greetings and welcome. Dubai City is one of the places i've always wanted to visit in my travels abroad. Glad to have you onboard.
Hello Diva, welcome to the board. UAE is one of the places that I want to visit. I especially like the clock tower that is built onto a fountain in Abu Dhabi; and of course, the famous volcano fountain!
Thank you guys
its wonderful to have friends over the world
hope to hear from u all soooooon
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