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then dont draw! (ha ha)
well actually me too. so if anyone know good links how to draw manga especially with photoshop please post here.
polykarbon is nice but i think its kinda closer to american cartoon. i'm looking for tutorial on drawing manga like love hina and sort of...
Get a "How to draw Manga" book. They'll show you the A through Z's of drawing your own manga + you can look at it anytime becuase it's a book, not something you got over the internet.
yeah how to draw manga is really good. I have 2 of the books. One way of improving is having a good set of references. Start by trying to sraw something exactly how it is in your refrence (but dun trace well actually u can to have an idea, but I wouldn recommend trying to draw it on your own after tracing). Then when you get better you can change things like use a refrence for just a hand and not copy. So when u first start you can't exactly say it's your own becuase of plagerism and what not but it's a good start. It's how I started drawing. There's nothing wrong with references.
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