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Heart attack...


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Jesus, I forgot that today it's national day over here, so I was just innocently working in front of my box when all of a sudden a couple of fighter jets flew over our house at very low altitude, obviously performing an air show. I think I was more terrified than our hamster...

Baddaboom, baddaboom... 😲

I wonder if I could sue the army for mental shock and physical side-effects, lolol.
Haha, I have been used to it in the countryside where I have grown. Every clear summer day, you could expect a few jerks to perform some aerial grass-mowing. Actually one crashed a few km from my house with the pilot still inside.

A good thing in Tokyo is that you never see them. Japan does have a fleet of fighters in its huge self-defence forces, but they are busy in remoter parts of the archipelago.
The Japanese air force, sorry, self-defence forces, lose their machines mainly off coast. I heard that they also occasionally target civilian vehicles with live ammo on low altitude training missions (happened a while ago).

If you live in Western Tokyo close to the air corridor of Yokota AFB, you'll have a jolly good time enjoying C-5 Galaxy monsters coming in very low, also F-15s and F-16s, never a dull moment.
"Remote Parts of the archipelago" for good measure I'll add that we do have bears in the city limits too :p

I guess we'll need to hit 3 million before we're considered as city folk.

Just razzing ya Maciamo

40 minute drive to New Chitose International Airport! You can watch the SDF taking off and landing in their F15's and TomCats. Real Danger Zone feeling to the whole deal since you can do the Wayne's World routine of sitting under the airplanes while their landing.

30 minutes away is Eniwa which is also SDF territory and ultimately the training area for the pilots. It's also near there where a fool fired off blanks into the community. Wife's friend's boss's car got nailed by a slug.

In the States I lived near Pt. Mugu which was a testing base and then later in San Diego I even drove out to Miramasa and the Piano bar to enjoy the Top Gun feeling.

fighters are just plain cool. I think I've seen all the episodes of Bah Bah Black Sheep ... or what ever that early 80's TV show was called.

And I thought you guys were really talking about real heart attack!!! I've been getting chest pains and sometimes I get really worried. But then again, I've been getting chest pains since I was 14.
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