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26 Aug 2003
this may be a dumb question but do they have hearses over in japan? if so do they look any different then the ones we have here in america? i have seen some pretty nice ones and was wondering what the japanese ones looked like
Yup. Those are Japanese herses. They're some normal ones that look just like stateside too. I think they are only used to take the body to the cremation facility though. Bodies aren't put in the ground here, the urn is kept in a crypt.
Japan from the Driver's Seat
Japan from the Driver's Seat

There are two types used. One type is the elaborately decorated one like in those shots. The other is much much more subdued. Also, there is the type used primarily for going and picking up a body initially. Those tend to be just regular black hearses much like one might see in the U.S. In fact, Cadillac hearses are very common in Japan.

After cremation, bones are normally placed beneath a common family tomb. I don't know if crypt would be the right term or not. In Japanese cremation, the bones are not ground to powder as they are in the U.S.
Yes, I don't know if Crypt is the right word, but Tomb isn't quite right either. It's called ohaka. Well, small tomb could suffice. Anyways, probably 2 or 3 Japanese Family graves would fit on the entire area of a US grave. Well, an unextravagent grave site. What's with the Morbid curiosity anyways? :?
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