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14 Mar 2002
Natto Gains Popularity as a Health Food

"Notwithstanding its nutritional value, though, the pungency and stickiness of natto have acted as a brake on consumption. But despite the widespread impression in Japan that non-Japanese cannot eat natto, a TV station reported a special feature on the food that a natural-foods store in New York has begun selling natto. The store notes that while the first customers were Japanese families living in the area, recently, all sorts of people are buying natto. Americans purchasing natto at the store were heard to say such things as "My menstrual cramps have almost disappeared," and "I used to get angry easily, but now I don't even get irritated.""

=> Natto Gains Popularity as a Health Food
"My menstrual cramps have almost disappeared," lolo ... I wish my wife were to say this.

Lot's of my friends eat natto and it makes the Japanese giggle when they see gaijin scarfing this stuff down.

Actually kansai people (osaka +) don't like natto on the average. So, I just say,"hey! Osaka folks don't it so what's the big deal about me?" hehe... I get lot's of ohhh, uhhh, ahhhhs then ...

Sorry but I'll pass until I try the non-smelly type.

But, in reality, natto is extremely healthy and should be eaten regularly.
It's very tasty, as long as you don't smell or touch. :)
I had to repost this one and I will follow up on Monday for all of you.

There is a big party at my house this weekend and I am going to have Natto as part of the fear factor game.

Let ya all know how it tastes and smells...
The first time I tried Natto was at the Hachimantai Royal Hotel for breakfast after a night of frivolous drunken behaviour on a ski trip. I think I was still a bit inebriated the next morning and was so hungry that I'd try anything. A Japanese friend dared me to eat a whole tub of Natto, and I did. I scarfed it so fast I didn't smell it. He dared another friend to eat another tub. Once he opened it, I caught a whiff of it and almost re-deposited my Natto back in the other empty tub. I have to say. I have not eaten it since! Just the thought of eating rotting beans again makes me want to heave. Oh well, ski season is coming up, so who knows, may go for round two.
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