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heads up on R35

Yeah for real

24 Jun 2003
wasabi!! aights yosh, i got new pics that ARE real this time. and not just concept pics. well, they're concept too but ahh well. this is the real thing that Nissan has been working on. real pics from the test drive. only thing...... it looks so ugly!.. it's like a nissan 350Z that got in a wreck and got the front bumper torn off.. ah well. you decide. but these are pics. aights yosh, peace outs! 👏

the front end thats on the magazine cover looks alot better, the other one lacks in style...
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... you're way of explaining the front air dam was so much more educated.. i must go shun myself now... brb
All of those pics are old. All of the GT-R pics are either concept or artist rendition.

The G35 coupe (Skyline coupe in Japan) looks pretty hot IMHO, have you ever seen one in real life?
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