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14 Mar 2002
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Have you tried

- Fish Ice Cream (Sanma Aisu)
- Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu)
- Squid Ice Cream (Ika Aisu)
- Ox Tongue Ice Cream (Gyutan Aisu)
- Sweet Potato Ice Cream (Yaki-imo)
- Fried Eggplant Ice Cream (Yaki Nasu Aisu)
- Crab Ice Cream (Kani Aisu)
- Corn Ice Cream (Tomorokoshi Aisu)
- Koshihikari Rice Ice Cream (Koshihikari Aisu)
- Wasabi Ice Cream (Wasabi Aisu)
- Shrimp Ice Cream (Sakura Ebi Aisu)
- Eel Ice Cream (Unagi Aisu)
- Nagoya Noodle Ice Cream (Nagoya Kishimen)
- Chicken Wing Ice Cream (Nagoya Tebasaki)
- Miso Ice Cream (Hacho Miso)
- Cactus Ice Cream (Saboten Aisu)

No? Me neither, but I'd like to.

The Wacky World of Japanese Ice Cream

eeewwwwww! I don't even think I would be willing to try any of them,:sick: :sick: Ah well I suppose this had to come at some time, but why take the best of ice-cream, its a sweet dish, may-be it should stay that way, 🙂
I've seen some of the flavors and heard they taste just like the name.

hmmm, I'd be up for catus ice cream.

I'd probably puke on over half of the flavors.
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I love sweet potatoes. They sell them on the street in Japan, yummy.
Yeah, but as ice cream? Hot they're great but frozen, I don't know ...
i've tried the tomorokoshi ice, it's very good!!! actually, we've got this in brazil, you can find it mostly anywhere.

about the other flavors... urgh! i guess i'd puke too... hahahaha!

but one thing that is delicious is the maccha ice (not listed above!), or the kaki-goori with maccha..... hmmm.... yummy!!
I've tried garlic ice cream, it's even worse than it sounds.
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Hehe, I'm sure such food stuff is forbidden by EU law. I didn't even know that ox tongue is eaten in Japan.
I don't know if it's ox or not but tongue is very popular at yakiniku restaurants.
I agree with Tragedy...feeling a little woosie...lol

beef tongue is semipopular here...you can find it in stores, but not in too many restaurants.
I have an extremely strong stomach, but this is kinda gross.

Being a garbage man in the summer in Chicago, I saw a lot of nasty things...also...the whole child birth thing...woof.
ewww, summer must suck that's for sure.

I missed out on the child thing :(
@missed out.

If you don't have a strong stomach...you don't want to see childbirth. I love hack'm up movies, but seeing it in really life on someone you love is a different story.
ohhh, I see. Maybe it's best then since they did a C-sect on her. I don't know if I could've taken the blood gushing and what not.

Me too. And my wife is a horror movie fanatic. :)
@ birth,( a personal thought, not a place for a man).

@ ice-cream, I've been thinking about this quite a bit, and those listed ice-creams are awful, there is no way they should be described as an ice-cream, maybe diced garlic, iced octopus ect, but not ice-cream, what do you all think?
@ ice-cream ... hmmm .. yeah ;)

@ birth
I'll trust the pros on this one ...
@ ice cream
you're right, deborah, ice cream is not an appropriate name for these things!
lol, I mean you would'nt dream of haveing garlic ice-cream for dessert, would you??? :confused: or any of the others mentioned,lol

hahaha, last week i had a blueberry yogurt ice cream... 👍 nothing that could be compared to those... haha!
@ Olivia
a blueberry yogurt ice cream
Ohh! that sounds delicious😄 I once tasted a nice and sweet melon frozen yogurt, and now my mouth is watering lol ahhh well, the blueberry one sounds a lot nicer, I'm going to have to go shopping for that one🙂
I'm sorry. I can't resist. I think I can top all your gross eating ones. I read in a book once the advise that women have their babies at home and that the most healthful thing to eat after having a baby was the placenta. They recommended cooking it with onions, like liver. What kind of person tried that out?!!!

I'm with you - I'll stick to blueberry frozen yogurt!
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