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Have You Ever Played Hanafuda ???

is that the one where you have to get closest to 9 with out going over? i won quite a bag of change playing that.
Originated in Japan, not China like others !

A 48 card deck divided into 12 months with each month having 4 cards.
3 to 6 people can play; a game consisting of 12 hands delt. Cards are assigned values. Some games can use 2 decks, 1 brown & 1 black.
Like a regular deck of cards, many different types of games can be played.Matching Flowers, Eighty-eight, and Koi-Koi are a few. I haven't played for 33 years so details are foggy !


I haven't played this game (nor heard of the word) for like eight years already, I don't even remember how to play it. :p
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