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Have letter in need of translating

8 Nov 2003
Hi y'all,

I have a letter in kanji that needs translating. I wrote someone in english, but them being in Japan I guess they felt it best to reply in Japanese. Can't complain, I did write them in a language that's foreign to them too. Please e-mail me if you can take a shot at it. Thanks.
Yes, it's hand written on paper. This is in no way meant as an offense to the language, but it just looks to me (a foreigner of this language) like a bunch of sticks thrown down on the ground at random. I know it's not, in fact must be very precise, but I could never choose the exact characters on a computer to translate it that way. I can't imagine how english must have looked to the people I wrote. I'm sure they must have viewed it the same as I view their writing. I need someone very skilled who must know both Japanese kanji and English fluently. Thanks for the link anyway. Maybe I'll have a use for it sometime, never know.
If you could scan the letter (at a high resolution) as a generic image file you can post it to the board and then lots of people could take a shot at it. Otherwise it sounds like you will have to send the letter to someone. Hope this isn't something you need done in a hurry! :)
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