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8 Mar 2004
Hi everyone, the question I've got is probably too specific to devote a whole thread to, but I thought I would use this as an introduction type thing as well.

I'm 18 and took Japanese classes throughout middle and high school, but those classes were pretty much comprised of watching Totoro and the occasional other movie (like Titanic dubbed in Japanese). Soo I am now only a second semester Japanese student in college. I'm sort of banking on eventually using Japanese in some way, though I have a very very long way to go obviously.

Anyway, this seems like a very nice place, and I'll try to help anyone I can as much as possible and also ask as few questions as necessary (being such an early student I have many).

To get back to my question, if you are saying you "have" a friend, what is the most natural verb to use? Aru, iru, motsu? I was thinking aru, but then I got confused.

And one last thing, if anyone knows of any other largely Japanese-speaking/knowing communities that are helpful I'd really appreciate it. I have trouble finding places like that, but since I don't really know any Japanese speakers myself I think it would be infinitely helpful. Thanks!
You've Come To The Right Place !!!

This site has some of the most helpful people you could ever meet. There are native speakers and language teachers and students like yourself. It may take a while for someone to get back to you, but someone will always help you here. You can get an amazing amount of info from old posts & using the search function. You can find links in the old posts to everything to do with learning the language & alphabets. Welcome aboard and good luck with a future in Japan, quite a few members are working there now.

I'd say "Watashi ni wa tomodachi ga iru(imasu)"....but it is a little confusing because a lot of dictionaries/phrase books etc give examples such as "Kyoudai ga arimasuka" (Do you have any brothers or sisters?), which I believe is correct as well. If someone could clear this up, that would be great :).
I would also use "iru."

As for other communities, you can look into sci.lang.japan (groups.google.com).
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