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have a couple more friends to find help???


3 Feb 2004
hello all, i have a couple more friends to find, can i get some help with these 2 also???

Miyuki Hokama
tonaki-son 1935
okinawa 902 japan i believe this is her parents address, i think she ended up getting married to a guy in the air force, from like illinois ofr something, if some one could get a telephone number and verify this name matches the address, is there any way of calling it and asking how to get in touch with there daughter???? get complete address , and telephone number for her please let me know and i will need the same for the next person also

Rika Morishima
haneo manthion 2-42-12
senbaya toyoshimaku
tokyo japan i think she is married also or maybe a boyfriend, he is japanese, and last i heard they lived in tokyo, so please help me

[email protected]
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