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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Check out Kjeld's latest feature about Japan's trendy headgear

those hats are pretty cool! but they dont seem to cover the ears as well as some good'ol Canadian toques! cause believe me it was hailing like you would not believe today!! its cooooooold!!:eek:
hehe, it hailed yesterday too.

Sapporo this year is like 3 weeks early with this cold. ugh ...
Here, the season of "kouyou" is over too. I can't stand the sight of naked trees. :eek:
There's a park here in Vienna that has all trees decorated in winter. Some of them sport red illuminated hearts, looks great! Bring out colours in winter!
Personally, i enjoy the serenity of the landscape in winter. Everything looks so beautifully sterile. It works especially well when you play new-wave music. :)
:p snow :p

Snow is beautiful to look at.
Snow is beautiful to stroll through on a moonlight night.
Snow is beautiful to see on the branches especially after a fresh big flake fall.
Snow is beautiful to view through an evening window with a fire place going.

Snow sucks!
Snow sucks because it's freaking cold!
Snow sucks because you spend an hour shoveling out your car, only to have it fall some more.
Snow sucks because you car gets stuck in it.
Snow sucks because your boots are never high enough.
Snow sucks because you can't pee easily.
snow sucks because you have to drive extra slow.
Snow sucks ....

It snowed this morning.
Fashion kills:

Go-kart rider strangled by 2.7-meter-long scarf

=> mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20021114p2a00m0fp005000c.html
was there a site that had fashion bags (backpacks) and the like that were really funky styled, with turtles or some other animals or something that was the rage in Shibuya a little while ago, perhaps even up to a year ago?

den4 :eek:
Another fashion victim scarfulated.

Japan's scarf fad claims another victim

This season's fad for extra long scarves claimed another fashion victim when a Japanese woman fell from her motorcycle after her 2-m-long muffler got caught in the bike's rear wheel, police said yesterday. The woman was in a coma after the accident but regained consciousness yesterday, a police spokesman said. However, she remained in a serious condition, the spokesman added.

The 20-year-old college student was riding in the western Japanese city of Higashi Osaka on Monday when the end of her scarf snagged in the wheel, pulling her back and choking her, he said.

=> straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/asia/story/0,4386,167564,00.html
if they can't figure out when to keep the scarves away from potential danger, then, sadly, they'll just become more entry level Darwin Awards candidates.....
fashion before common sense? :p
This is an issue of "fashion V common sense", and it's a sad part of young peoples lives, yes they look good and are the "inn thing" but are we all so bothered with material items that our safety is no longer our first objective? or is this a case of living and let live? after all, we could step out onto a road and get hit by a drunk driver, now that's most definitely not our intension as we step onto that road, how-ever accidents and mishaps will continue to take place as long as the world keeps moving, and it's my opinion that our safety is most of the time in our own hands, then fate comes along!:eek: :eek:

Glad that the student has survived the horror of this incident🙂
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