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Has Japan killed more foreign civilians in WWII than any other country in history ?

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1 Nov 2005
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I think in the WWII, Japanese soldiers may have killed more FOREIGN civilians (sadly, in brutal ways too, and I do not call any killing of such nature justified~)
But of course there were some Japanese of good conscience who actually helped the allies~


actually having just read about how many of its own civilians died (especially toward the end of the war) - either killed by the Japanese soldiers or committed suicide - I think that figure is pretty big as well.

One interesting thing strikes me in that there are a few civilian mass grave (from 500 - 5000 people in each grave) in the Town of Fang Zheng in China dedicated to these deceased Japanese civlians during the war, yet I don't recall any government officials going there to mourn them while Yasukuni Shrine seems to be so much more popular. These cemeterys are currently exposed to lack of management and for diplomatic reasons the Chinese govenerment cannot put in more effort than it has now unless the Japanese government shows interest in doing that. Sadly no interest from the Japanese government >.< :eek:
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