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Has anyone noticed the night sky lately?


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
Not sure if its just my area, or something, but are the stars more visible lately?

Stupid question, since the answer I'm looking for I already know.

The stars seem brighter, because for a week or so here in the SF Bay Area there hasnt been as much fog. The sky is so clear you can see Polaris, Sirius, AND Mars.

I'm such a pleab when it comes to the beauty of nature. All the primordial spheres of light, energy, 'tis almost orgasmic, these night skies. Makes me as giddy as a school girl.

Wait, that makes sense. I'm back in school after all. Haha, haha, I made a funny. Ha. Ha.
I've been going outside the last month in orlando late at night[2am] just getting off work and been looking in the clear sky. .....

i can't help it. i love cold weather and clear skies...
Hehe:) Yeah I have. It's so cold around here, so the night sky is really bright. It's quite common though.
It's very very beautiful, but also so cold...I love the moon and the stars.
Ever since the black out in Northern America I've found time to appreciate the stars. It's nice to look up and know there's not just blank space out there.

When I travel further up north in canada, I can see the northern lights... clear skies and I can see satelites pass by...
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