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Haruki murakami books


3 Nov 2003
Hi to all! I started reading H.M. books with Tokyo blues, it was wonderful....then i continue with Underground, about Aum Shinryukiu terroristic act!
Can u help me to find other books about Aum Shinryukiu?

Thank u all! :p
I've just read Norwegian Wood and its one of the most amazing books I've ever read in my life. It really did something to me, I dont know...it just felt like all my dreams and desires and memories splashed on the page, even though I havent done the things the narrator has in this book. A real sad and depressing tale but it still makes you laugh at times, and Midori, what a character, I think I'm waiting for my own Midori to walk into my life and drag me off on crazy adventures...

Everyone read this book!
I enjoyed "Norwegian Wood" very much, and "The Wild Sheep Chase". Great stuff, and considering how popular the books were in Japan, they will give you some insight into the values of modern Japan.

I was in love when I read Norwegian Wood... but she was not Naoko.😊


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"Norweign Wood" was the first book of a japanese novelist I ever read.
It really touched me, with it's very melancholic atmosphere ..
Haruki Murakami is a genious and I really enjoy his books.
"Norweign Wood" became my alltime-favorite and you all should read it 😊
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