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Harassment against pro-N Korean schools

I heard a long time ago that after WWII and around the Korean War times that the Koreans remainding in Japan were forced to choose between South and North Korea for their nationalities.

Apparently, many chose the South, some the North and those who didn't file or apply were labeled North Korean.
Kim Mui Incident
Kim Mui is zainichi (Korean residents) journalist.
He was investigating some Chosen Soren related matters.
One of them was those "zainichi kids harassed by Japanese" things.
In his article(Takarajima 1994.12), some of the harassment was suspicious.

His conclusion was some of them were done by Soren.
Especially, the incidents which have not found suspects.
A few months later, Kim was found dead in his apartment, some of his notebooks were stolen.

"Harassment against pro-N Korean schools "
Think who gets benefit most?😊
Officials visit pro-Pyongyang school over harassment

Senior officials of the Justice Ministry visited a pro-Pyongyang Korean school in Tokyo on Wednesday to meet the headmaster, teachers and students to discuss matters regarding harassment and violence targeting students of such schools. It is the first visit by government officials to the Tokyo Korean Junior and Senior High School in Tokyo's Kita Ward since its establishment in 1946, the school's principal Gu Dae Sok said. The officials of the ministry's Civil Liberties Bureau made the visit after the Association of Korean Human Rights in Japan, a human rights arm of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), submitted a petition in February to Justice Minister Mayumi Moriyama and called for effective measures to prevent harassment of students of pro-Pyongyang Korean schools. At the school, the officials met a female student whose "chima and chogori" ethnic school uniform was slit when she was commuting on a train in January. The student's class teacher explained to the officials the background of the harassment and Gu spoke of the conditions of discrimination.

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