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Happy Tree Friends

Eternal Wind

30 Jan 2004
It's about a bunch of stuff animals doing silly and dangerous things, and it's hilarious! check out those episodes (Warning:not suitable for kids):D http://www.happytreefriends.com/
Hahaha that is hilarious, my 6-year-old son (Kevin) was sitting beside me when I opened that link, He laughed soo hard I felt soo happy, I keep the rest till tomorrow before he sees the rest of them, lolol
I think it's about those episodes where there's around 30+ story in separate DVDs. And there is more @

lol, thats funny stuff, thing is, i could actually see this showing up on Cartoon Network and such...the new kids cartoons are messed up! Nothing but disgusting fart jokes and stuff.
Great stuff did not let my 6year old see it this time, he is fast asleep!! Lol,🙂 this kind of stuff is not easily got here!!! Restrictions/restrictions, etc.; hay but I do enjoy them getting pulverised (SPELL?) its a delight to see all those little sweeties that our kids watch getting done in!!! hahaha, (joke of course!) life would not be the same without our sweeties:eek: 👏
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