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Happy New Year!

4 hours 35 minutes and counting down....
I'm tired so i don't know if i'll be able to make it! I want to see the ball drop!!!! 😭
Each year in New York City , New York down Time Square a big silver ( disco looking ) ball drops and a big party goes on , as it does practically everywhere else in America, and you can see it on TV. 👏
LOL i get it now.. puberty ; "hows it hangin' bro?" LOL gomen gomen... ahh yeah I can't wait to see that either :) the ball in new york that is
I don't know if you were talking to me but just in case, im a girl . :giggle: :)

If you weren't then just forget i typed that.:)
I was just trying to work out what you actually meant lol... but Times Square...makes sense now...
Happy New Year. I'm in NY and watched the ball drop on TV. You know what I miss is when for the millenium on TV they showed how New years eve was celebrated around the world. I think they should do that every year. Thats when I saw Ayumi Hamasaki sing in Japan for new years and it was her bday.
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